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Enhancing Traffic Flow: SkyLab's IoT Sensors on Bridges for Smoother Transportation

Better traffic flow with sensors on bridges

In the commission of National Data Road Traffic & Rijkswaterstaat, SkyLab B.V. has installed hundreds of special IoT sensors from mid-2019 on important bridges to improve traffic flows throughout the Netherlands.

The sensors report bridge open or closed & report other imported information. The sensors are developed with new smart sensors & LoRaWAN technologies that's stands for long range & low power. This allows the sensors to operate independently for years. SkyLab is already working on newer smaller & smarter versions that can operate longer or even infinitely.

Special thanks to GIS Specialist for the data connectivity to: “Blauwe Golf Verbindend” platform, the National Road & Traffic Database (NDW) & other traffic & navigation systems such as Flitsmeister, Waze & more.

The data ensures better traffic flow on the road & waterways via applications. Through improved traffic flow, emergency services can be on-site faster & these innovative sensors /platforms contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

If you are interested in connecting bridges, or looking for specific Sensors or Location & Recovery systems we are happy to support.

NDW Slagboom sensoren


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