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SkyLab Valve Watch sensor Bigger is not always better

An small industrial sensor built for I-IoT that can provide data from every valve. Reliable sensor information is crucial when it comes to working on industrial sites or other working environments. As a result of structural reliable information, your operations can become safer and more efficient. The sensor can show the angle of the valve, if the valve is open, closed, sabotaged and provide temperature, location and more. The sensor has a battery capable of approximately 30.000 status updates. The sensor can be placed on virtually any valve and is placed on top of the existing valve without needing to make structural changes which allows you to ‘update’ existing and in use valves with our sensor solution (ATEX - IECEx certification upon request) If you are looking for other (special) IoT solutions SkyLab B.V. is happy to assist to provide the best solution for sensors, network and dashboard.

Pipe Switch sensor


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