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SkyLab Revolutionizes Railway Safety: LoRaWAN Water Level Sensors Enhance ProRail's Monitoring on De Betuweroute

SkyLab has placed LoRaWAN water level sensors in and around the railway-route of the De Betuweroute near Zevenaar on behalf of ProRail.

Specifically, in this area, a lot of rain can cause the groundwater level under and around the track to become high, which can cause undesirable situations. To get a good insight of the water levels, SkyLab has placed a large number of LoRaWAN-monitoring-well-sensors in this route. The underground monitoring wells are located in surface pots and measure the water level, water pressure several times an hour. The measured values ​​are sent encrypted via our LoRaWAN network to the dashboard. In the IoT dashboard, the live and historical data is visible and a notification is sent immediately. To be consistently able to receive the sensor data on kilometres, SkyLab, together with VolkerWessels, has placed LoRaWAN gateways in the GSM-R masts along the track. These gateways can receive sensor data from sensors tens of kilometres away. The gateways can be used for a wide range of sensor applications - by anyone without network costs. In this way, ProRail, together with SkyLab.

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