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SkyLab IoT automates bridge cooling with LoRaWAN

SkyLab B.V. has automated a new series of bridges using multiple IoT LoRaWAN sensors and control. The objective is to automatically cool bridge decks during high temperatures and/or expansion, showcasing how Internet of Things (IoT) technology can contribute to monitoring, management, and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

At elevated temperatures, bridge decks can expand, leading to traffic congestion and even structural damage. SkyLab addresses this issue by automating the cooling system that responds to real-time data collected by sensors in and around the roadway. Powered by IoT LoRaWAN technology, these sensors continuously and validatedly monitor the temperature and expansion of the bridge deck, activating and deactivating the cooling system as needed.

Additionally, the bridge's open/close status is monitored, temporarily disabling pumps during bridge openings to prevent extra water pressure and ensure pedestrians or passing vessels remain dry (and cooled). All bridge data and environmental data are live and historically accessible in the SkyLab Customer IoT Dashboard, with adjustable parameters where necessary.

Thanks to LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology, known for its energy efficiency and long-distance communication capabilities, the bridge sensors can reliably and redundantly function without frequent battery replacements or expensive or vulnerable wired connections. IoT LoRaWAN solutions enable these systems to operate independently, resulting in less maintenance and an extended operational lifespan.

This system's implementation not only contributes to preventing potential bridge damage and unnecessary traffic congestion but also enhances road user safety. Moreover, this approach makes significant environmental contributions by reducing CO2 emissions associated with (mobile) work equipment, extensive labor, cooling, repair, and maintenance activities.

SkyLab's solution to automate bridges with SkyNet IoTLoRa Multi-Network technology demonstrates how digital transformation can change the way we manage and maintain our infrastructure. This project highlights the value of using technology to efficiently and sustainably address complex real-world problems. This project was carried out on behalf and initiated by Combinatie MGZ vof, with cooling, pump, and pipeline work provided by Griekspoor.

Leimuiderbrug Koeling systeem


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