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Skylab Deployed gateway on Malta

SkyLab B.V. together with HandsOn Systems, has deployed a LoRaWAN™ gateway on Malta. This collaboration was started as a pilot for LoRaWAN™ for connectivity on the island. The Gateway deployed is a LongAP by HeNet B.V. The LongAP Pro can be connected to the internet via ethernet or 4G/LTE. The LongAP Pro features a unique multi-packet forwarder to support multiple LoRa networks simultaneously (public, private and/or commercial), reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing usability. The Gateway on Malta provides The Things Network (TTN), The Things Industries (TTI), and Helium.

The gateway on Malta is currently mainly used for monitoring parking spots, however, LoRaWAN™ Networks enable many more “smart city” use-cases. Among these use-cases are Asset Tracking and inventory management, garbage monitoring, traffic monitoring, occupancy monitoring, measuring climate data and monitoring street lights. The network is publicly available (within fair use) for every individual.

We expect the pilot to be successful and that this will open up many more possibilities and future endeavors. If you are also interested in LoRaWAN™ solutions on Malta or deploying a gateway on an industrial, commercial high rise, or offshore location, contact us or Hands-on systems.

Longap Gateway range on Malta


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