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SkyLab Boosts IoT Coverage: LoRaWAN® Gateway on Calandbrug Rotterdam-Europoort for Port Expansion

SkyLab installed a LoRaWAN® gateway on the Calandbrug Rotterdam-Europoort to expand the coverage of the Port of Rotterdam area with Internet of things. Given the gateway’s prime location, it will greatly increase the coverage and redundancy for the free and open global Internet of Things (IoT) network. The Things Network & Industries is the fastest growing community IoT network on the Globe. LoRaWAN® stands for: Long Range & Low Power, it’s more secure and redundant than conventional solutions and it also lets sensors work autonomically for many years. ProRail, VolkerRail, Rijkswaterstaat, Nationaal Data Wegverkeer, Customs, Bureau Veritas and Vopak are among the companies in a joined effort to further increase and utilize this increased coverage for its own (and others) IoT projects using The Things Network and Industries. IoT technologies can be used for a vast number of applications for Ports, Industries and City’s. Ports such as Amsterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerpen along with others around the Globe, are investing in becoming a smart port using IoT. If You’re also interested in participating and like to start with IoT free to contact us.

Lora gateway on Calandbrug


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