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SC SEA LORD Sets New ICT and IoT Standard in Maritime Industry

SC Sea Lord aerial shot

The sea tug and service ship SC SEA LORD, the latest addition to Sima Shipsales, has now joined the fleet of Sima Charters, thereby further broadening the services of Sima Charters.

The SC SEA LORD underwent a significant overhaul (REFIT) in 2023 at Damen Maaskant in Stellendam. During the shipyard period, the latest technologies in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) from SkyLab were chosen. This includes the latest Maritime Internet Starlink from SpaceX, including a Global 5G NSA&SA/4G LTE backup system, providing the ship with fast and reliable internet.

Starlink dish on top of SC Sea Lord

The ship's network offers an extensive WiFi network, IPTV streaming services, VOIP telephony, Push to talk network, and an advanced 360° artificial intelligence CCTV system. With these technologies, the SC SEA LORD positions itself at the forefront of modern sea tugs and service ships in its class.

SC Sea Lord CCTV multi view

Thanks to the expertise of SkyLab, the crew of the SC SEA LORD enjoys the most advanced communication capabilities, leading to more efficient operations and improved communication during missions. The state-of-the-art IoT network onboard optimises monitoring and management of ship operations, resulting in increased operational efficiency and safety.

This technological advancement offers significant benefits for both the crew, the shore organisation, and clients, highlighted by the ability to globally live track towing or salvage operations. This provides unprecedented transparency and unique collaboration and possibilities.

SC Sea Lord Tug pulling crane

The SC SEA LORD also offers the SkyNet Internet of Things LoRaWAN network onboard and its vast surroundings, enabling real-time monitoring of wireless sensors. These sensors provide vital data such as water detection, tank content, incline angles, accelerations, vibrations, forces on cables, temperature, humidity, and gas levels. This data is crucial for monitoring safety and efficiency during maritime operations.

SkyNet IoT dashboard info

The SC SEA LORD and other ships of Sima Charters symbolise the future of maritime technology, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and advanced communication.

SkyLab provides a comprehensive 'one-stop-shopping' experience for its ICT and IoT services. This means that SkyLab manages all aspects - from design and installation to the delivery of products and services - in-house. Furthermore, SkyLab also provides the support and management of these services. This integrated approach ensures direct communication channels and guarantees optimal quality and expertise, as all services are offered and performed under one roof. History of the SC SEA LORD

The SC SEA LORD (IMO 8325119) was originally built as a tugboat by Scheepswerf Bijlholt B.V. in, Foxhol, and delivered in 1994 by R. Dunston (Hessle) Ltd, Hessle/Scheepswerf Damen B.V. in Gorinchem as the ANNELIES under the flag of Gabon. After several owners and names, including a period as SL ANNELIES, she was sold in 2020 to Salleron LP, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and managed by Prime Agency Ltd., Odessa, who renamed her SEA LORD. In 2023, Sima Shipsales became the new owner, renovating and renaming the ship to SC SEA LORD. The rich history of the ship contributes to its current leading role in maritime industry.

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