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Revolutionizing Urban Living with LoRaWAN Environmental Sensors for Real-time Insights

Skylab placing new loRaWAN environment sensors which measure: temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and barometric pressure. With this, cities, government agencies and citizens gain insight into their living environment. Traditionally government organizations such as RIVM would place some sensors per municipality or city. This would give insight to the national climate but not locally such as inside the cities themselves. With the recent innovations in sensors and LoRa technology, it is easier than ever to place environmental sensors all across the city. Initiatives from cities, citizens and businesses (including Skylab) have already led to the creation of the first couple projects to place and connect sensors that are spread throughout a city. The insight in these data sets is the first step to better the quality of their living environments and enhance efficiency in everyday actions. Such as improving air quality, locating heat pockets but also to prevent traffic congestion and many other use cases.

Em500 realtime information on iotdash


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