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LoRaWAN™ Sea To Land Record

A new LoRaWAN™ sea-to-land world record was set on 09-05-2022 The attempt was made by SkyLabs Solar Sea Mapper together with Sima charters on the vessel: SC Amethyst. The SC Amethyst was located near Esbjerg, Denmark, and the gateways were located near the city of Great Yarmouth, the United Kingdom crossing a distance of ~513 Km. There were 4 gateways that received the packages, the gateways were located on:

• NCC - Gt Yarmouth Chartered Academy: secondary education

• NCC - GYBC Town Hall 1 and 2: The Gt Yarmouth Town Hall

• NCC - Gorleston Fire Station: The Gorleston Fire Station

LoRaWAN™ is a communication protocol for wide area networks. It is designed to allow Internet of Things devices to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long-range wireless connections, in other words, perfect for offshore solutions.

There have been many attempts to break long-distance records with the LoRaWAN protocol however, we believe that this is the largest Ground-to-sea distance that has ever been achieved.

Sima Charters and SkyLab have jointly created their first Smart Tender vessels. By installing also LoRaWAN™ gateways on some tenders. These tenders are mapping the LoRaWAN™ sea coverage. This large coverage has also been demonstrated by this record. Sima Charters is using their gateways to monitor operational activities such as fuel consumption by using a sensor to constantly measure the fuel level, engine monitoring by using vibration sensors and measuring temperature, humidity, and air quality. Sima Charters is also planning on using this technology to increase the safety of their crew, passengers, and offshore workers by using LoRaWAN™ enabled emergency LoRaWAN™ SkyLab Emergency Location Beacons (ELB).

In other words, SkyLab has recently been very busy with the realization of LoRaWAN networks and sensors on offshore solutions such as tenders, ships, vessels, platforms, and wind turbines. With achievements like this, our vision is further set in place. We believe that LoRaWAN is the future of offshore technology, so seeing how far we have already come brings us and the loraWAN™ community joy, however, there is still work to be done, so if you are interested or believe we can work together in further expanding the LoRaWAN offshore market please contact us. #Lora #LoRaWAN #simacharters #LPWAN #IoT #IoTatSea #skylabiot #Offshore #SAR #SeaToLandRecord #Esbjerg #Denmark #GreatYarmouth

Sima charters en skylab wereld record verbinding


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