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LoRaWAN™ Load cells for remote measuring the tension of wires

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

In modern-day construction, cables are everywhere, whether they are used in cranes or for the structural support of buildings and bridges. But how do we make sure the cables have the right tension so they don’t break or don’t take on the load they are supposed to?

We from skylab have created a LoRaWAN™ load tension sensor that can be used to measure the load on cables remotely. This is achieved by combining a traditional load tension cell with a new LoRaWAN™ technologie. For example, The sensors can be used to measure the tension on cables used in cranes, to make sure the capacity doesn’t exceed the boundaries. Or they can be used on bridges to make sure every single cable is “pulling its weight” to make sure the load is equally distributed among the cables. The sensor can instantly measure the cable tension instantly at any time, this makes it possible to gain insight into cable data and how it varies with influence from ,for example, the temperature or the wind. On special request the sensor can be ATEX certified, which makes it compatible in industrial settings.

Load cells NS and proRail


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