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Expansion of Smart Cities in Groningen

SkyLab collaborated with Guard Litec and the Municipality of Groningen to install gateways in Hoogezand, Sappemeer, and Muntendam, expanding LoRaWAN® coverage. The recent placement of gateways, commissioned by Guard Litec and the municipality, aimed to further increase LoRaWAN® coverage in the area.

With recent expansions of public IoT networks, Groningen now has an extended reach. The installed gateways are connected to networks such as The Things Network and industries. The Things Network is the largest and fastest-growing free IoT network. With coverage and infrastructure laid for smart city applications in Groningen, a new path for innovation and city enhancement has opened. This global IoT network, now linked to much of Groningen, can be freely used by everyone for a wide range of sensors, enabling simple monitoring of objects, people, and the environment.

The potential of new technologies associated with LoRaWAN is not only promising, but existing applications already offer many benefits for cities. One such use case is Guard-Litec, addressing lighting issues in cities by remotely detecting faulty streetlights. Guard-Litec sends daily updates of defective poles to the municipality, along with a possible cause of the defect. Another use case implemented by Skylab in the Netherlands is sensors for the opening/closing of bridges. This provides insight into how often a bridge is used for maintenance and has societal value.

Live sensor data is sent via The Things Network to our private and public dashboards, allowing us to see at a glance whether a bridge is open or closed. This data is also shared with navigation apps and emergency services, enabling them to respond to emergencies without worrying about the status of a bridge.

Expansion of The Things Network in Muntendam We look forward to the innovation and implementation of new solutions with the added connectivity in the Groningen area. Feel free to contact us for more information! #Groningen #SmartCities #TheThingsNetwork #Guardlitec #Hoogezand #Sappemeer #Muntendam #LoRa #LoRaWAN #SkyLabIoT #Milesight #IoT #SmartCity #LPWAN

LoRaWAN Gateway in Groningen


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