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Expansion of IoT network in Groningen

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

LoRaWAN Gateway hoogezand

With the recent expansions of the public Internet of Things (IoT) network, Groningen now has coverage, The placed gateways connect to SkyNet IoT LNS, the largest and fastest-growing IoT network.

Now that the infrastructure for smart city applications in Groningen is established, a new path for innovation and city improvement unfolds. This global IoT network, now connected to Groningen, is freely accessible to everyone for a wide range of sensors, enabling simple monitoring of objects, people, and the environment.

IoT op Bruggen NDW

The IoT network operates on LoRaWAN®, facilitating long-range communication with low transmission power and extremely low energy consumption. This ensures the longevity of small sensors in the IoT network. Working on small batteries, these sensors can be deployed anywhere, sending their data over the air to the SkyNet IoT LNS network for miles. All sensor-generated data is encrypted and securely transmitted to a central location. The IoT network can be easily and securely deployed without network costs and cables by municipalities, government agencies, businesses, and individuals. The network contributes to securing and monitoring objects and properties, monitoring water quality, the environment, and air quality, assessing waste container capacity, bridge and parking space occupancy, or tracking work materials inside or outside buildings. In addition to the promising potential of new technologies, existing applications already offer significant benefits for cities. For example, LoRaWAN™ coverage can address lighting issues in cities by remotely detecting faulty streetlights, as demonstrated by Tizin and Guard-Litec. Guard-Litec sends daily updates of defective poles to the municipality, along with a possible cause of the defect. Another use case Skylab has implemented in the Netherlands is sensors for the opening/closing of bridges.

LoRaWAN Gateway op licht paal

This not only provides insight into how often a bridge is used for maintenance but also serves a societal purpose. Live sensor data is sent via SkyNet IoT LNS to our dashboard, where we can instantly see whether a bridge is open or closed. This data is also shared with navigation apps and emergency services, enabling them to respond to emergencies without worrying about the status of a bridge. The expansion of the IoT network in Groningen offers numerous opportunities for businesses, industries, and nearby ports. With the LoRaWAN™ network combined with the right sensors, they can track their assets and gain insights into the routes their assets take. This can be used to improve efficiency or detect issues early before they worsen. Bringing a LoRaWAN™ gateway to more areas and expanding coverage has many benefits for social and economic purposes. With all these remarkable projects and the recent placement of another gateway in Groningen, Netherlands, SkyLab has further demonstrated its commitment to building Large private networks in the Netherlands. The upcoming placement of gateways in the North Sea will further solidify Skylab's position as one of the largest network builders in the Netherlands. #IoT #SmartCity #SmartCities #Smartlighting #SmartLights #Groningen #TheThingsNetwork #LoRaWAN #GuardLitec #Hoogezand#Zuidbroek

LoRaWAn gateway op het dak


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