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TU/e Smart Sport Fields

In the Municipality of Eindhoven in The Netherlands, a CityLab called #040Beweegt is being developed. With this initiative, sports and exercise innovations in public space are being developed with which we want to inspire and activate residents to a healthy and pleasant way of exercising.

To facilitate technological innovations, including sensors for monitoring movement through the city and sports parks, the public Internet of Things (IoT) Network is being expanded in Eindhoven. This is done by setting up small LoRaWAN receivers in and around Eindhoven, the receivers can process the information from thousands of sensors within a radius of a few kilometers. The receiver sends the sensor data via the internet to the end user(s). To expand this IoT network, the PSV campus 'De Herdgang' was recently equipped with this free IoT network. This network is connected to the largest and fastest growing IoT network “The Things Network” which can be used without network costs.

This ensures that we can easily develop new sensor techniques and concepts with top athletes, but also with recreational athletes in the surrounding park. The sensors themselves are small, inexpensive and can run for years on a battery or infinitely on solar energy.

Mnitor health and quality on and around sports fields, such as water, soil moisture, humidity, sunlight, CO2 or temperature to monitor objects. Students and scientists from the TU/e ​​and Fontys Hogeschool, the Municipality of Eindhoven and PSV will use this to gain a better understanding of the living environment and to contribute to sports and exercise.

Lora gateway at Tu/e PSV eindhoven

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