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Stena Line offers Multi LoRaWAN® Connectivity at Sea.

SkyLab has expanded the LoRaWAN® Internet of Things (IoT) networks on board the Stena Line Hollandica ferry with the SkyNet IoT LoRa® multi-network solution, enabling simultaneous access to multiple LoRa® networks.

Traditionally, one network provider is supported on each gateway, limiting sensors from different providers at a station, as well as those used by passengers, trucks, trailers, and cargo, to a single provider. With the implementation of the SkyNet IoT multi-network solution, this limitation is now a thing of the past. Everyone on board can now utilize multiple private, commercial, and public LoRa® networks such as The Things Network, The Things Industries, Helium, ThingsIX, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sidewalk, and SkyNet IoT.

The SkyNet IoT network is designed to allow the addition of network providers such as Connexin, KPN IoT, Netmore, Everynet, as well as private and public networks per station and location. The implementation of the SkyNet IoT LNS (LoRaWAN® Network Server) makes the LoRaWAN® station multifunctional, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impacts.

This solution is highly suitable for service vessels, ferries, container ships, cruise ships, and other sea vessels. It benefits the equipment, the people on board, and the cargo, particularly advantageous for the approximately 28,000 departures that Stena Line handles annually. By leveraging the SkyNet IoT multi-network solution, sensors can now operate across multiple operators, enabling the realization of "smart goals," making this project beneficial for all stakeholders, regardless of the specific application.

The SkyNet IoT network allows users to seamlessly roam across interconnected networks. With over a million gateways from various connected networks, SkyNet IoT provides maximum international coverage without the need to switch providers.

LoRaWAN® (Long Range Low Power Wide Area Network) technology offers significant advantages for monitoring wind farms, objects, cables, ship and cargo tracking, search and rescue operations, monitoring operational activities, buoy and marine fender pressure monitoring, asset tracking, and real-time data collection on climate and environmental trends and variability. SkyLab is expanding the SkyNet IoT multi-network solution in collaboration with other gateway owners and is also planning further network expansion in the North Sea region, Florida Strait, and the Gulf of Mexico. #LoRa#LoRaWAN#SmartVessels#SmartFeries#SmartVessel#LPWAN#IoTatSea#StenaLine#SkyNet#SkyNetIoT#SkyNet#SkyLab#SkyLabIoT#MultiNetwork#MultiProvider#AmazonSidewalk#ThingsIX#Helium

Stena line schip met Lora Gateway van skylab b.v.


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