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SkyLab Partners with Noord-Holland Province and WAAG for 'Hollandse Luchten' Project

SkyLab has been commissioned by the Province of Noord-Holland and the WAAG "Hollandse Luchten" project to provide the municipality of Zaandam, Velsen-Zuid and Beverwijk with the free publicly available sensor network "The Things Network", making the municipalities part of the so-called Smart Cities.

Gateway Hollandse Luchten

This has been achieved by placing special receivers on various tall buildings within the municipalities. The sensors work via the LoRaWAN telecommunications network, which stands for Long Range communication with Low Power so they can operate independently for years.

Gateway on Roof for hollandse luchten

The "Hollandse Luchten" project aims to set up the largest possible sensor measurement network together with citizens in North Holland for measuring air quality. The importance of a healthy living environment and the awareness that air quality plays an important role is becoming increasingly actual. In collaboration with (among others) the Province of Noord-Holland, Municipalities and RIVM, research is being conducted into how open networks and affordable measurement sensors and networks can provide citizens with a better understanding of air quality and other issues in areas where quality of life is under pressure.

gateway on pole for hollandse Luchten


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