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IoT Botlek (Port of) Rotterdam

SkyLab has expanded LoRaWAN Internet of Things networks in the Botlek Rotterdam area and the Port of Rotterdam. The gateway, installed in collaboration with Boasso Global on their 70-meter-high wind turbine, enhances network coverage within a radius of +/- 10 km (300 km2). This added gateway increases network coverage and redundancy for the Port of Rotterdam and the municipality. Received sensor data is securely transmitted to the internet, allowing users to retrieve and visualize it.

LoRaWAN, Long Range Low Power communication, enables small sensors to operate independently for years on a battery or indefinitely on solar power. This sustainable technology finds applications in the industrial sector, environmental monitoring, and climate monitoring. The gateway features a unique multi-network packet forwarder, supporting multiple LoRa networks (public, commercial, and/or private) simultaneously, reducing overall ownership costs and increasing usability. This flexibility allows individuals and businesses to choose network providers. The gateway is also connected to "The Things Network and The Things Industries," available for free use (within fair use).

Boasso Global is one of the companies leveraging LoRaWAN coverage to enhance innovation and acceptance of innovative technologies. As a leading provider of depot, maintenance, cleaning, and transportation services for ISO tank containers in North America and Europe, Boasso Global has integrated LoRaWAN networks into their standard business operations for applications such as tracking and monitoring their service operations.

The possibilities created with LoRaWAN coverage are endless. Applications such as Asset Tracking, Container Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Security, Gas and Fire Detection, Liquid Flow and Level Monitoring, Climate and Environmental Measurement, Container Tracking, are all feasible at low telecommunication costs. The benefits of this infrastructure extend beyond the Netherlands, reaching other countries and coastal areas. SkyLab also provides LoRaWAN coverage for ships, equipping them with the new LongAP multiband (868 MHz and 2.4 GHz) and multi-provider gateways for connectivity on and around ships within a range of (+/- 10 km). #Boasso#BoassoGlobal#Rotterdam#botlek#PortOfRotterdam#IoT#SmartPort#IIOt#LPWAN#EveryNet#Helium#SkyNetIoT#SkyLab#ENERCON#RIoT#TTN010#industrie40#Kerlink#industry40#SmartIndustyBoasso

Boasso windmolen met Skylab Gateway


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