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HeNet B.V. and SkyLab B.V Partnership

HeNet B.V. and SkyLab B.V. have partnered to launch a new LongAP® Pro LoRaWAN® gateway that supports SpaceX SWARM’s global satellite network. The gateway enables LoRa® sensors to be used anywhere in the world, even in remote areas with limited internet access. The SWARM network is cost-effective, starting at $60 per gateway per year, and requires only one satellite modem for multiple sensors, reducing the total cost of ownership. The LongAP Pro supports Swarm's M138 modem and features a durable all-weather hex ground plane antenna. The gateway can also be combined with a solar-battery power supply for off-grid operation. The LongAP Pro's custom packet-forwarder ensures only relevant LoRa packets are sent over the Swarm network. However, country regulations may impact the use of LongAP Pro and Swarm connectivity. For more information, contact

longap Gateway with Swarm by SpaceX


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