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Smart vessels

SkyLab IoT delivers top-quality internet and ICT solutions, specializing in IoT (Internet of Things), CCTV, Wifi, and telephony systems. Our services are designed with a focus on the maritime sector, including commercial shipping, pleasure boating, offshore platforms, and wind farms. We provide global connections with high priority and integrated redundancy to ensure continuity and reliability. Our advanced systems enable users to remotely view camera images and access all crucial onboard information, with safety and efficiency at the forefront.

At SkyLab IoT, we fully support our clients by offering a comprehensive package of services. This includes expert advice, cabling, hardware, installation, service, and management and support. Clients have a single point of contact for all these services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.

Additionally, SkyLab holds the necessary certificates and training for offshore operations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. We also have collaboration agreements with 24/7 CTV TRANSFER SERVICES, allowing us to offer an even wider range of specialized services. Discover how SkyLab IoT can transform your maritime communication needs with our innovative and reliable network solutions.

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