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The Zalmhaventoren: Tallest Residential Smart Building in Rotterdam - Netherlands

The Zalmhaventoren, one of the most impressive and newest buildings in the skyline of the modern and innovative Municipality of Rotterdam - Urban Development in the Netherlands. With this remarkable tower, the Municipality of Rotterdam achieves a milestone with the tallest residential towers. Nestled amid green parks, history, culture, and world-class amenities just a stone's throw away.

In collaboration with SkyLab B.V., the Municipality of Rotterdam seized the unique opportunity to equip this beautiful 215-meter-high location with a LoRaWAN™ gateway. This gateway is an extension of the Municipality of Rotterdam's Internet of Things city network, providing an infrastructure for innovative technology and sensor applications across the region. With this new addition, this gateway ranks among the highest on a residential building.

The gateway, along with others, contributes to the Rotterdam IoT city network connected to the public sensor network, The Things Network, available for free fair use.

To create a network covering all areas of Rotterdam, receivers have been installed in the Rotterdam harbor to capture signals from various applications and transmit them to the internet and dashboards. One of these gateways is now attached to the Zalmhaventoren. Through these gateways, SkyLab can offer multiple IoT network providers, such as KPN IoT, Helium, Everynet, or a combination of (public, commercial, and private) network providers, reducing overall ownership costs and enhancing usability for everyone.

Sensors utilizing LoRaWAN™ technology can operate for years on a battery while transmitting small packets of information over distances of several kilometers. This allows seamless integration of sensors for securing and monitoring objects and properties, assessing water quality, monitoring the environment and air quality, reading levels of (waste) containers, checking bridge and parking space occupancy, tracking objects inside or outside buildings, and many other applications. For more information, please contact SkyLab. #Rotterdam#DeZalmhaven#Zalmhaven#Iot#SmartCities#BAM#AMvest#LSI#RioT#Kerlink#TTN010#LPWAN#PortOfRotterdam#LoRa#LoRaWAN#SkyLabIoT#SkyLab#InternetOfThings

Zalmhaventoren Lorawan aangesloten door Skylab


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