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Sima Charters STARLINK Internet of Things (IoT) at Sea

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

SkyLab B.V. has equipped the latest Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) "SC ONYX" from Sima Charters B.V. with Starlink Maritime Internet and the SkyNet IoT (Internet of Things) network, following other tenders. These advanced communication technologies are intended to enhance the operational efficiency of the vessel and provide comprehensive, fast, and reliable connectivity services to customers and the environment.

The new generation Starlink Maritime Internet ensures faster and more reliable offshore internet connectivity for both the ship and its guests, wherever they may be. This connectivity is crucial for Sima Charters' projects and relationships because it enables real-time communication and data reception, processing, and sharing, contributing to the safety and efficiency crucial for remote decision-making and project management.

In addition to internet connectivity, SkyLab has implemented a Multi-LoRa Wide Area Network with SkyNet IoT. This network enables the ship to wirelessly collect, transmit, and deliver sensor data from itself or from customers or third parties over a large area, anywhere in the world. Unlike regular LoRaWAN providers, the SkyNet IoT LoRa Multi-network can simultaneously support multiple connected network providers and process all regular sensor applications via the SkyNet IoT network.

The LoRaWAN network is a particularly useful long-range communication tool with low energy consumption. It is especially valuable for offshore projects, such as activities in and around wind farms or for measuring sea climate and/or the environment. In wind farms, sensor data can help secure and monitor the performance and status of foundations, masts, turbines, cables, or other objects.

Other developments by SkyLab include a compact Emergency Location Beacon (ELB) with an emergency button that allows individuals to be quickly and accurately located over long distances. This contributes to safety and improves the speed and effectiveness of rescue operations, significantly increasing survival chances.

SkyLab aims to expand offshore IoT connectivity in collaboration with stakeholders. If you are interested in the possibilities, we would love to hear from you. #simacharters #iotatsea #starlinkmaritime #starlink #lorawan #starlinkinternet #skylabiot #skynetiot #vesselmonitoring #lpwan #offshoreiot

Sima charters schip met starlink

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